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The AGD System: Free yourself from diet rules and restrictions and discover a way to lose weight on your terms TODAY. Exercise Optional.

It's Simple

Slider The simpler the diet plan is the more enjoyable and effective it will be. The reason so many other diets fail is because they're too complicated. You can easily become lost, confused and frustrated trying to follow too many conflicting rules. AGD keeps dieting as simple as possible; it's truly weight loss without the rules.

It's Effective

Slider The AGD principles have worked for thousands of people and they'll work for you too. The key is flexibility. This system is designed to fit into your life, instead of forcing you to fit your life into the system.

It's Guaranteed

Slider We are so confident that AGD will work for you we are willing to take all the risk so you can get all the rewards. We guarantee your satisfaction with our system for 1 full year! If you choose to give us a try, you've got a year to decide if you think it's the simplest weight loss system, you've got nothing to lose.

Exercise Optional

Slider Exercising is great for overall health strength and endurance, but it's not REQUIRED for weight loss. With AGD you can lose all the weight you want with or without exercising. The choice is yours.

Meet John

Anything Goes DietJohn Barban has been working in the health and weight loss industry for over 10 years. He has lectured at the University of Florida, acted as a Varsity strength and conditioning coach, and worked inside one of the largest weight loss supplement companies in the world. All of this experience led to the discovery that 99% of all mainstream weight loss supplements and programs are ineffective at best, and dangerous at worst.

The only weight loss strategy that will work for everyone, needs to be as simple as possible, while allowing for the flexibilty to still live a normal and enjoyable life. We hope you'll invite John on your journey to a happier, healthier and thinner future. :)

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